Palm Tissue

Palm Tissue Mills is engaged in the manufacture of hygienic tissue paper in jumbo reel form. Our substances include Recycled Tissue, Virgin Tissue and Wet Strength Tissue. Being a privately owned and operated mill, we pride ourselves on offering a value for money product to our tissue converter customers.

What does Palm Tissue do?

Palm Tissue Mills currently operates 4 Tissue Paper Machines, with a combined Design capacity of c.1000 tons per month. Our Tissue products, which include Recycled as well as Virgin Fibre, can be used in the following applications: 

  • Toilet Tissue 
  • Industrial Wipes
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Serviettes

Our mill employs sophisticated fibre cleaning and processing equipment to ensure we can produce a high quality, value for money recycled product. Our virgin fibre is sourced only from FSC certified suppliers, ensuring we remain in the responsible forestry supply chain. 

Our deckle offering for our Tissue products are 2650mm, 1750mm and 1850mm.

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